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FLASH Design Services

We've all seen them, those sites that seem so alive and vibrant you'd think they just jumped right out of your monitor and onto your computer. We're not talking about animations that looks like they just crawled out of the technological dark ages, or those snazzy "wav" sound clips that make you think Edison's first phonograph is returning to haunt the world once again. We're talking about the good stuff...the stuff that makes you jealous.

It's professional, it's captivating, it's eye-catching...it's FLASH. We have clients come to us with requests for every imaginable type of flash - some even almost unimaginable. And every time, we've successfully pulled off a "top of the line", ground shattering piece of art ingeniously crafted with one object in mind - to surpass every expectation the client has in mind, and outdo the best ones we've created up to that one.

The value of your website skyrockets when a flash is added. Whether it's a presentation, intro splash page, interactive buttons, or just a little "make up" on your site, the addition of a flash is never to be underestimated.

Before deciding that your site needs one, take a few moments to browse through some of the previous flash samples we've done for clients, and read their reactions. Then contact us for a quote on a personalized one for your own site - created by scratch with your expectations in mind. We'll work with you to lay down a plan of action that is affordable to you. Our standard rates for flash design is $35. hr, or a flat fee for your job (no matter how long it takes to create it). Ask us for a quote today!

Our guarantee? You won't be disappointed, we promise. If you are, well...then you'll be the first.

Daniel S. McClintock
Flash & Web Site Designer

P.S. Every flash that I create is unique. I put the energy and passion into each job as if it were my own. 
And if you're not happy, then I'm not happy. Rest assured that your flash will receive the care and 
concern in it's creation as if my job depends upon it - which it does. There's a reason I'm still creating them. :)

Click the screenshot to preview the flash.
Be patient as they load!

This audio player is located on each page of The Christian Way; each one with the audio text of the page, and a beautiful song for playing in the background.

"Open Windows" is a uniquely beautiful online book of poetry featuring encouraging and uplifting poetry by members of the Fellowship of Christian Poets.

Making a simple lighthouse photo come to life can be an illuminating experience. Add a carefully created beam of light streaming from the tower and reflecting off the surface of the ocean...this website knows what it takes to get a surfer's attention!

This simply awesome flash is considered our best work of art. Peaceful music, combined with stunning photo manipulation effects beneath the gorgeous words of the poem all work together to create an amazing flash presentation. Read our feedback by clicking the thumbnail!

If you watch after the dove flies away, you'll see she keeps flying by but the rose never blooms a second time. Make sure you read the responses we got from this customer by clicking on the screenshot.

A simple, yet beautiful vertical flash banner to jazz up an online diamond store.

Talk about a project and a half. Making what appears to be an actual motion video of a spinning bottle using only still photos and flash effects can be a real challenge. But we stepped up to the plate and created what you see here for Make Me Like Jesus.

This is a simple horizontal "photo story" that scrolls across the top of Second Coming Ministries.

No, an electrical storm won't roll in on all the pages, but the homepage definitely wakes up when the sound of thunder accompanies the flash of lightning. Hey, flash of lightning... Okay, enough corny jokes for today.

We did three versions of this banner; all the same except being translated into Russian and Spanish for the Christian Way. Notice carefully the sky change colors.

Lightning plays a vital role in this thundering display of power serving as the top banner for this rapture website.

This interesting "movie reel" flash was implemented in a Christian Audio site as a creative way to show off several of their audio books.

Not only is this a wonderful representation of our outstanding graphic design skills, it shows how we can make your site header come "alive".

Two more examples of boring blueprints becoming brilliant banners!

This special request for a flash version of a poem was one of the first of it's kind that we had done. It started a whole new line of clientele presenting us with more chances to use our skills in adding life to poetry!

This example demonstrates some of the effects we use to add the flair you want to your flash.

This client just wanted his logo to spin around. So we went the extra mile and added a slight glistening touch to it; he loved it, and it's displayed on his website.

This customer had us create a flash banner for their site when we first created it. Later on, when doing a redesign, they came back and asked for a new flash banner to go with their site's facelift.

One of our first flash banner ads.

No kidding, we actually designed that very flash you see on the top of our website.

A flash intro for a wonderful ministry's website dedicated to training and ministering to the Native American Indians. This is actually one of the first flash intros we ever did.

Here's another oldie. Enjoy those books falling, 'cause it only happens once.

OK, let's get this flash on the road!
Order today!

If we're not available, Email your question about Christian Web design 
and  Christian web Hosting  & we'll respond ASAP. Or call: (800) 627-5937

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